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College of Education and Human Development

Education and Human Development


Curriculum and Instruction, Ph.D

Title Student Autonomy As a Contemporary Measure of Care Theory and Its Influence on Student Performance
Name Diane E. Whitley Grote
Date March 20th, 2019
Time 10:00 AM
Place Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC), Room 238


Counselor Education, Ph.D

Title Relational Health and Positive Psychology Characteristics as Predictors of First Year Student Athlete Adjustment
Name Julia Dell'Aquila
Date March 25th, 2019
Time 12:00 PM
Place Faculty Center, Room 207

College of Liberal Arts

 None at this time

College of Science and Engineering

Science and Engineering


Marine Biology, Ph.D

Title Identifying Life-history Plasticity and Responses to Environmental Variability
Name Heidi Ballew
Date March 26th, 2019
Time 1:00 PM
Place Harte Research Institute, Room 127

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

 None at this time

College of Business

 None at this time